Like many of the restaurants in Dublin…

…the Canal Bank Cafe relies on Irish farms for organic vegetables and free-range meats.  Since many of those farms are close to the city, their ingredients are fresh and more importantly, delivered daily.  It makes a tremendous difference and Canal Bank is a perfect example of why.  Located on Leeson Street, their menu resembles any number of other pub menus you might find elsewhere.  Their food is so fresh and nicely presented, however, the meals rise to something much greater than simply casual dining.  Highly recommended are the following :

– The kerry crab, fennel and apple salad can easily be shared between two people.
– The roast breast of chicken, served with a chipotle and lime dressing, is excellent.
– The slow roast shallot and garlic potato omelette with thyme is light and the eggs are moist and fluffy.
– The highlight of the meal, however, was easily the tomato & coconut curry, served with raisins and basmati rice.  Although it’s an entrée, I would recommend ordering it in addition to your meal so everyone in your party can share it.  It’s that good and begs the question, “Who knew you could find curry this spectacular in Ireland ?”

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