Travel to the land of fire and ice…

I’m becoming more and more convinced the greater Nordic region can simply do no wrong.  Icelandair, which almost exclusively provides transport from the United States’ Eastern seaboard to Iceland, sustains the high level of customer service I first experienced with SAS.  The check-in process at Washington, DC’s Dulles International could not have been any smoother or more efficient; the cabin crew was friendly and, no surprise here, astonishingly good-looking; each seat had its own entertainment system which included a very good range of documentaries about Iceland’s sites; and the flight itself, nearly flawless.

© Icelandair

My only criticism, and its a minor one, is the flight provided no complimentary meal service.  One could order a selection of snacks, sandwiches and salads from a menu for a fee.  I suppose this mirrors our own policy of meal service which characterize long domestic flights, but Icelandair actively promotes the uniqueness of its homeland–and rightly so.  It seems to me that serving meals made from local ingredients is a natural extension of this…without expecting passengers to pay additional fees.

© David-Kevin Bryant

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