There is no taxi service…

…to and from Keflavik and downtown Reykjavik, an odd curiosity until you see the distance involved.  Instead, passengers make reservations on a number of shuttle bus services which then provide transportation door-to-door.

En route to downtown Reykjavik. © David-Kevin Bryant

We used Iceland Excursions / Gray Line Iceland and purchased our tickets in advance via their website (a discount was offered for round-trip purchase rather than separate one-way tickets.)  An e-mailed confirmation provides a bar code which is then scanned at their ticket counter near the departure bay and then again on the bus, making for a very quick and efficient boarding process.  Please note, however, that downtown Reykjavik is characterized by small, one-way and byzantine streets.  If your reservation is on a large bus, don’t be surprised when it arrives at the city’s central bus hub and you transfer to a smaller vehicle.  It’s handled well and drivers and personnel are there to assist in transferring your bags from one shuttle to another.  Our’s took less than 5 minutes.  To continue reading about Reykjavik, click here.

Shuttles are lined up at the airport. © David-Kevin Bryant

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