Cocktails and the breathless moon…

When visiting Reykjavik, make it a point to stop in for a drink, or several, at the 101 Hotel at Hverfisgata 10 if for no other reason than to experience the very cool 101 Bar and particularly the lounge just outside it.  Modern and very, very sleek, the 101 serves fantastic drinks and is the perfect place for a warm respite should the temperatures outside suddenly drop.  Although the menu features small plates, burgers and sandwiches, many of which are very good, it’s the atmosphere which makes the bar a destination unto itself.  From the small plates menu, the warm goat cheese wrapped in ham with figs, and the edamame are the standouts; for a sandwich, order the fantastic salmon burger with green peppercorns and jalapeño aioli.  The monochromatic lounge just outside reminded me of the sets of the classic British sci-fi show, “Space 1999.”  The only things missing were the lunar landscapes just outside…

101 Hotel-01

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