Iceland and her people…

…will waste no time in seducing you.  The country, one of the most beautiful in the world, has a coolness factor that is so off the charts, it practically redefines it.  Here are some items to bear in mind as you travel through the land of fire and ice :

–  Bónus is a fantastic, local supermarket chain and it’s surprisingly affordable.  Wander in and buy food to make at home rather than eating out.  And definitely check out the local brand, i.e., “SS,” of hot dogs.

–  Climate and temperature.  At a moment’s notice it can rain, or suddenly become windy.  In the first few days of our trip there it was cold and blustery; sunny and cool; rainy with noticeable morning fog; we had nearly half a foot of snow overnight; warm with bright skies; and then warm and rainy–all within days of each other.  Pack a waterproof parka and take it with you whenever and wherever you travel in the country.

–  Hot Dogs.  I’m not a big fan of hot dogs but the ones they make here, available at road-side kiosks, made me a convert.  They’re nothing short of fantastic and, at the risk of starting nuclear war, they’re as good as those at Yankee Stadium.  If not better.  There…I said it.

SIM Cards.  If you’re traveling with a digital camera, bring extra SIM cards with you.  In a 10-day period, I exhausted 2 digital cameras, a Kodak APS-based film camera, and 10GB of my iPhone.  The country is that beautiful.

–  Water.  Although the water is some of the purest in the world, it has a slight sulfuric smell to it which may catch you off guard initially.  Not to worry, however, as it’s perfectly natural and does not affect the taste or feel against your skin.

Be prepared to take additional SIM cards with you . Everywhere you point your camera is worthy of preservation. © David-Kevin Bryant


  • oh yeah, water is delicious over there and is definitively in the top 5 of the best tape water to drink. I agree with the climate as well. But, I’m not a big fan of hot dog 😉

  • I couldn’t agree with you more ! Not only is the water delicious but it feels like silk against the skin when bathing / showering.

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