The World Cup and a competition for ice cream…

When you travel, there are certain items which, despite the continent on which you land, and the countries in which you decide to explore, are universal.  The first that comes to mind, arguably, is coffee.  The Italians and the Turks may boast the loudest when it comes to having the finest but Iceland has much to brag about as their coffee, whether purchased from a cafe, hotel, restaurant or truck stop–yes, truck stop–is nothing short of fantastic.  The other may be ice cream.

Italy’s gelato is a dream-like experience and nothing even remotely comes close to it.  Having said that, if Italy and Iceland were playing a head-to-head match in the World Cup of ice cream, it may very well end up as a draw.  And the latter’s Valdís is the reason why.  The small shop, located in the old harbour area of Grandagarðu, makes theirs daily in small batches with an ever-changing and evolving list of flavors.  It’s facade is completely unassuming but don’t let that fool you.  Extra creamy and not overly sweet, Valdís’ ice cream is delicious and should be on anyone’s list of things to do when visiting the Land of Fire and Ice.  The range of chocolate flavors, for example, is impressive and they make their own cones by hand.


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