Wind-swept roads and the world’s finest mojito…

When we left Jökulsárlón, it was bitterly cold, windy and pouring rain.  More importantly, it was near midnight and painfully obvious we would need accommodations overnight in order to return the glacial lakes the next morning.  Along the ring road, almost every bed and breakfast and guest house was occupied.  We were starting to wonder if there were going to be any viable options when we stumbled upon the Hótel Skaftafell, a modern hotel seemingly in the middle of nowhere.  And if the saying, “Things happen for a reason” has any truth to it, we were fortunate all our previous attempts to find a place to sleep on a moment’s notice were futile.  Not only did the Hótel Skaftafell have room for us, but we enjoyed meeting the staff there.  The single best aspect of the property, however, was its bar, located upstairs.  It’s small but it is where we enjoyed the best mojitos we’ve ever tasted.  Who knew the globe’s best mint-infused rum drink could be had in such a pristine but isolated locale ?

Hótel Skaftafell-01


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