Desolation and “Interstellar”…

We left Jökulsárlón on a bitterly cold, windy and rain-soaked night and stumbled upon the Hótel Skaftafell, a modern hotel seemingly in the middle of nowhere.  It proved to be a welcome respite from the weather.  Although it was late, we made it a point to hit the hotel’s bar, and thanks to Marco, an incredibly friendly and engaging employee, we enjoyed the best mojitos we had ever tasted.  The isolated but pristine location of the hotel proved to be the Skaftafell’s greatest asset as Christopher Nolan, the visionary director / producer / writer of “The Dark Knight” trilogy and the mind-bending “Inception,” had been there just a couple of weeks prior to film his latest project, “Interstellar.”  Rather than filming on sound stages with CGI, he brought the crew and film to Iceland for certain exterior shots.  The film’s trailer has already been released and receiving rave reviews for its stunning visuals and soundtrack.  It seems as if the Mountains of the Moon have once again succeeded in seducing us.  To continue reading about Iceland, click here.

© 2015
© 2015

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