The love of frites…

I wrote previously that Le Chat Noir, a wonderful little French restaurant in Washington, DC’s Tenley Town neighborhood served some of the best Gallic cuisine in the city.  Their frites, for example, are fantastic and are partially responsible for numerous return visits over the course of just a few weeks.  Having said that, the owners might want to keep an eye on their rear view mirror.  Woodley Park’s District Kitchen, which serves very good seasonal and American food, has fries, served in miniature fry baskets, that are out of this world.  It would be easy to under-estimate the establishment when you first enter as it has the stripped-down and laid back look of a pub.  The menu, however, is clearly aiming at something more ambitious and the restaurant delivers.

© David-Kevin Bryant

Recently, friends and I stopped by and enjoyed the following :

– caprese salad with marinated basil, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella
– dry aged steak burger, served on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomatoes and DK fries
– gazpacho with shrimp
– grilled salmon with basil-lemon risotto
– lump crab and grilled corn with avocado dressing on grilled country bread
– nicoise salad, made with egg, green beans, greens, olives and a poppy-seed vinaigrette

The lump crab meat, which is served as an appetizer, is so good and the corn was so sweet and fresh, I came very close to placing a second order and eating it as my main dish.  I sampled the grilled salmon from a friend’s plate and it was as equally good.  The group consensus gave very high marks to the restaurant and we all agreed the fries are a huge standout.  I look forward to returning.

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