The triumph of the titans…

In 1887, the impressionist painter Edgar Degas, at the time living in Paris, invited fellow artist, Mary Cassatt to join the other Impressionists in changing the art world through the exquisite techniques of that movement.  Having arrived in the City of Light just three years prior, she agreed.  And thus began one of the most fascinating and prolific friendships the art world would ever see.  The two inspired each other and as a result, created some of the greatest masterpieces of the Impressionist era.  The close bond between them, and the art work that resulted, is given a long and overdue retrospective in Washington, DC’s National Gallery of Art with Degas / Cassatt.  The exhibit promises to be one of the most sought after in North America.  

Degas & Cassat-01
Mary Cassatt, “Little Girl in a Blue Armchair,” 1878. Oil on canvas, National Gallery of Art.


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