The Adventures of Aurelius : Chapter 8

Uncle Nick was completely surprised as to the destination of Montreal.  As the city is a home-away-from-home for Aurelius, the pup cannot wait to pick up their bags and head to the hotel.  Trudeau International is one of the pup’s favorite airports in the world.

© David-Kevin Bryant

The best way to travel from to the hotel is, of course, via the city’s efficient and reliable 747 bus service.

747 Bus-01
© 2015

And Aurelius loves the Le Meridien on Sherbrooke.

Le Meridien Versailles
© Le Meridien

After checking in to the hotel, Aurelius jumps on the bed.  The hotel is well-know for its luxurious bed linens and never disappoints.

© David-Kevin Bryant

Although the day is overcast and brisk, Aurelius can’t wait to show Uncle Nick the city, particularly one of his favorite patisseries in the world which is just a couple of blocks away.

© David-Kevin Bryant

Aurelius has yet to experience a cafe au lait or pastry that comes close to those served at Ô Plaisirs Gourmands.

© David-Kevin Bryant

And Uncle Nick can’t wait to sample a sandwich.  Or, perhaps a warm pastry.  Why not both ?

© David-Kevin Bryant

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