Located at 1662 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest…

Near Guy Concordia’s metro station entrance on Rue Saint Mathieu is Angela’s Pizzeria, a charming neighborhood restaurant with great food at affordable prices.  We stopped by for the first time last year on a bitterly cold night, looking forward to a warm meal.  Our waitress informed us the soup of the day was split pea, a flavor I don’t even like.  She said it was made fresh that day and assured me I would love it.  And she was right.  Angela’s in fact is the only place in the world I would consider ordering it.  The soup was that good as was their cream of mushroom which we ordered the next night when we returned.  We visit the restaurant each time we travel to the city and I am consistently impressed with the quality of their pasta dishes and pizzas which are made fresh and with exceptional ingredients.  The sauce is very good and the crust is excellent.  I recently ordered one topped with chicken and was surprised as to the generous amount of meat it featured.  I also appreciate the infectious camaraderie among the staff members.

Update. On a recent trip to the city, we, of course, stopped by the Pizzeria for dinner where my nephew sampled poutine for the very first time.  This famous staple of Montreal cuisine–frites covered with gravy and cheese–is not for everyone and many places claim to serve the best in the city.  My nephew ordered his topped with chicken and he loved it.

© David-Kevin Bryant

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