Double-edged swords and flu shots…

Aurelius’ best mate, Noel, really enjoys the Holidays, especially because his trusted teddy bear, Covington, is always with him.

© David-Kevin Bryant

Aurelius can be a little stubborn and this year he has paid a tremendous price for it.   He had been told by Aunt Norma repeatedly to obtain his flu shot.  He did not and now, unfortunately, is so under the weather, he cannot join her on a surprise trip across the Atlantic to London for Christmas.  He has asked Noel to go in his stead and his best mate did not waste any time in saying “yes !”  Misfortune for Aurelius has turned into a fantastic trip for Noel.  He feels a little guilty for being happy…but he obtained his shot weeks ago at the suggestion of Aunt Norma.

© David-Kevin Bryant

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