Hopping around in London…

I am not a fan of the typical tourist agendas when I am struck by wanderlust.  I made an exception, however, when traveling to London recently and using its local franchise of Big Bus, a tour service operating in some of the world’s biggest cities.  The reason was two-fold :  first, Big Bus covers almost the entire city, which is huge and nearly impossible to navigate exclusively by foot over a few days.  And second, the buses stop at almost every single bus stop already in use by the city’s local and famous double-decker buses.  Your options, therefore, for stopping and walking and then boarding another bus a few blocks away are seemingly endless.  We used the blue line; the other is the red one which has a smaller “footprint” in terms of geographic area it covers.  Here are just some of the major places and sites along its route, in chronological order :

― Kensington Gardens (the stop is in front of the Thistle Kensington Gardens Hotel)
― Paddington Station
― Marble Arch neighborhood and Madame Tussaud’s
― BBC, Oxford & Piccadilly Circuses
― National Gallery, Charing Cross and Westminster
― Westminster Bridge, the London Eye, Covent Garden
― London Bridge and the Tower of London
― Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Harrod’s
― Notting Hill

Tickets can be obtained for UK$ 31.00 / person and kiosks are located everywhere; they’re valid for 48 hours from the time they’re purchased and include a complimentary river cruise along the Thames.  The buses themselves are clean and run every few minutes.  At many stops, there are Big Bus coordinators who are more than happy to answer questions and offer assistance.  We toured the entire city more than twice while we were there and recommend it highly.

Big Bus Company
© commons.wikipedia.org

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