Hell hath no fury…

…like Octavia scorned.

The Evolution of a Winter Storm.  Prelude…Normally, the U.S. Capitol and the Washington Monument can easily be seen from this angle.

© David-Kevin Bryant

The Buildup.  This was taken just prior to total blizzard-like conditions hit the area.

© David-Kevin Bryant

The Aftermath. The Washington metro area was slammed in a relatively short amount of time. The morning after was brutal but conditions changed quickly and by mid day, the subtle beauty and solemnity of just-fallen snow slipped away as the cleanup began.

The local Bikeshares station.
© David-Kevin Bryant
The U.S. Naval Observatory. © David-Kevin Bryant
© David-Kevin Bryant
© David-Kevin Bryant
The Kahlil Gibran Memorial Garden and Fountain is barely visible in the afternoon snow.
© David-Kevin Bryant
Gotta love the scarf with the colors of the South African flag wrapped around the already-iconic statue of Nelson Mandela (along Massachusetts Avenue.)
© David-Kevin Bryant
Sir Winston. Happy at last…
© David-Kevin Bryant
© David-Kevin Bryant

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