La seduction…

Fine craftsmanship cannot be overstated.  Giorgio (formerly Giorgio 1176) was located on Montreal’s Sherbrooke Street.  I walked past the small store front and was immediately struck by the meticulously displayed men’s shirts in its windows.  Someone took a great deal of time, and even greater pride, in arranging them.

© Giorgio Gruppo Roma

The store’s owner has a warm greeting and is clearly impassioned with his products.  He didn’t simply grab an item off a rack or a shelf.  instead, he caressed the fabric with a gentle touch, similar to the way a furniture maker slides his or her hand over newly sanded wood.  That experience cannot be matched by the generic, assembly line look of much of men’s clothing sold in larger stores.  One is an example of craftmanship; the other, mere salesmanship.

Update :  The men’s clothing store has changed to Giorgio Gruppo Roma and is now located at 1440 Rue Peel in Montréal in a much larger space and bathed in natural light.  The craftmanship is still top-notch and the customer service remains impeccable.

© Giorgio Gruppo Roma

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