Philly hits a home run…

Philadelphia’s location, sandwiched if you will, between the East Coast’s main metropolitan areas of Boston, New York City and Washington, DC, sometimes causes us to overlook her.  The City of Brotherly Love’s Museum of Art, however, has proven itself to be one of the great destinations for art lovers along the East Coast, and I would go so far as to say North America entire.  The cultural institution is pulling out all the stops with new and one-of-a-kind exhibitions this Spring and continuing through the Fall 2015 Arts season.  It also has bragging rights to the marquee event of the Fall, “Discovering the Impressionists :  Paul Durand-Ruel and the New Painting, 24 June – 13 September 2015.”  After successful runs in both the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris and the National Gallery in London, “Discovering” has been expanded for its American debut and Philadelphia is the only location in the United States featuring it.

Dance at Bougival
© “Dance at Bougival”

Not merely content with just one groundbreaking exhibition, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is also showing :

“Northern Lights :  Scandinavian Design, 23 May – 4 October 2015.” If there is one group on earth who can give the Italians a run for their money when it comes to design, it’s the Scandinavians.

“Take One :  Contemporary Photographs, 25 April – 9 August 2015. It was during the seventies where photography, perceived by some as merely a craft or hobby, was transformed and finally appreciated and recognized as an art form.

“The Wrath of the Gods: Masterpieces by Michelangelo, Titian, and Rubens.” Built around the stunning “Prometheus Bound,” by Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens, the exhibition is the first of its kind and also features the work of Michelangelo and Titian and their influence on the Renaissance.

Poul Henningsen
“Northern Lights : Scandinavian Design.” © Poul Henningsen’s iconic artichoke lamp.
Hiroshi Sugimoto - Black Sea
“Take One : Contemporary Photographs.” © “Black Sea.” Hiroshi Sugimoto
“The Wrath of the Gods: Masterpieces by Michelangelo, Titian, and Rubens.” © “Prometheus Bound.” Peter Paul Rubens.

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