Slate…and aromas of the Fall

Located in the Glover Park neighborhood, close to the intersection of Calvert Street and Wisconsin Avenue, is one the city’s best when it comes to the ever-increasing list of wine bars, i.e., Slate Wine Bar & Bistro at 2404 Wisconsin Avenue, NW.  Blink and you might accidentally walk right past it as their facade is a narrow one.  Don’t let that fool you, however.  Their front windows can be opened during great weather, allowing you the opportunity of enjoying impressive drinks and service, but also people watching, too.

© David-Kevin Bryant

The interior is deceptively deep with a cool, minimalist vibe and a soundtrack to match and Chef, owner and sommelier Danny Lledo’s experience is clearly evident in the quality of wines available.  Just as impressive is the establishment’s happy hour prices and plates, along with their signature cocktails.

© David-Kevin Bryant

My bestie, Ellie, has tasted mussels all over the city and on visit to Slate just within the past couple of days, she handed them perhaps the highest compliment possible–their platter of steamed mussels with wine sauce was the best she has eaten and the portion was more than generous.  As she reveled in her food, I enjoyed their new Aromas of the Fall cocktail, made with bitters, cinnamon syrup, fresh lemon juice, Old Forest bourbon and then topped off with fresh nutmeg.  And the nutmeg was ground using a microplane.  To say it was fantastic would be an understatement.  Each of the flavors revealed themselves with almost precision timing as I sipped, and the aroma of the nutmeg was well suited to the crisp Fall air.  Bartender Alahin’s expertise won me over as I enjoyed a couple more and we assured him we would be returning very soon with friends to enjoy happy hour and dinner, too.

Slate's signature
Slate’s signature “Aromas of the Fall” cocktail.
© David-Kevin Bryant


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