Aromas of the Season (Slate, Part Deux)

During the Fall, my bestie, Ellie, and I enjoyed a wonderful experience at chef and sommelier Danny Lledo’s gem of a wine bar, Slate.  The Washington, DC restaurant earns high marks for the excellent menu, which features seasonal meals, and its attentive customer service.  They managed, somehow, to top themselves when we returned recently on a chilly evening.  We started off with their signature cocktail, Aromas of the Season, made with bitters, cinnamon syrup, fresh lemon juice, Old Forest bourbon and then topped off with fresh nutmeg.  The seduction of bourbon and nutmeg of the senses is a slow and methodical one.  It’s a drink so perfect that the only improvement to it would involve snow fall outside and the sound of reindeer on the roof.

Slate Wine Bar, Washington DC. © David-Kevin Bryant
Slate Wine Bar, Washington DC. © David-Kevin Bryant

After enjoying a couple and warming up, Ellie ordered the vegetable paella and I opted for the 3-course tasting menu :

― pan seared scallops, bacon, corn cream sauce
― asparagus risotto
― pumpkin mouse

The scallops were cooked to perfection and some of the best I have enjoyed in Washington.  And just as enjoyable was the risotto.  The asparagus was crunchy and the rice was delicious and tender.  What blew us away, however, was the paella, which was served with such a variety of vegetables, one did not miss the its customary sea food.  The portion was so large, it could have easily fed 2 people.  The patrons next to us decided to order it after listening to us rave about it.  During the meal, Chef Danny stopped by to ask us if we were enjoying our dinner and we spent a few minutes chatting with him about this great establishment he has created.  We’re looking forward to returning and seeing what awaits us on their menu in the new year.

Slate Wine Bar, Washington DC. © David-Kevin Bryant

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