Give in…to the sin of pastries

Since it was founded in the 1930’s, Philadelphia’s famous Di Bruno Brothers market features an incredible selection of freshly made meals to go, imported cheeses, Italian delicacies, meats, seafood and sweets.  Upstairs is a cafe serving daily specials, freshly made salads, sandwiches, and soups.  Downstairs features breakfast pastries, a coffee bar and Italian desserts.

© David-Kevin Bryant

It’s in those pastries where Di Bruno shines brightest.  When one enjoys the Sicilian classic, the cannoli, one should not find an air pocket in the middle of the shell.  It proves the maker simply stuffed one side and then the other without ever ensuring the cream meets in the middle.  No such mistake happens at Di Bruno where the employees make the dessert to order and ensure the entire shell is filled with the sweet creamy stuffing.  It makes a difference.  Their miniature cakes and mousses are so good, I always bring some back with me to share with family and friends–thus, my habit of bringing an insulated bag with me when I travel to the City of Brotherly love.

© David-Kevin Bryant


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