A dog’s nose…knows

It was more than a brisk morning in Montréal when I turned a corner while walking near the Mont-Royal stop and was immediately greeted by a large retriever with a pneumatically charged waving tail (always a welcomed sign.)  Dogs are usually this happy when a.) their owners are nearby; b.) when there’s food; and c.) when their owners are nearby…with food.

© David-Kevin Bryant
© David-Kevin Bryant

Clearly, this was karma as I needed coffee, something warm to eat and exceptional treats to bring home, and this enthusiastic puppy was checking off all the proverbial boxes as she lead me to the entrance of Boulangerie Premiere Moisson, specializing in baked goods, gourmet specialties, pastries, and take-away.  They have locations throughout the city, but this is no chain establishment.  And more importantly, what they serve is anything but chain food.

© David-Kevin Bryant

I ordered a large vanilla cappuccino and jambon et fromage croissant, allowing me to check off the first 2 boxes.  As I was ordering, I could still see the retrieve outside, pointing at the entrance and waving her tail.  And, this is what seemed to be so captivating to her :

© David-Kevin Bryant

It was, for all intent and purposes, a museum of Easter confections.  I was astounded with the range and expertise of these creations and it was, above all else, chocolate nirvana.  I checked off that final box when I bought some white and dark chocolate bunnies and a half-dozen chocolate fruit eggs, a confection that rose to the level of art.  It occurred to me that, to err on the side of caution, I should sample one.  To put this diplomatically, I demolished it.  The chocolate was the perfect thickness and the fruit inside was fresh without being overly sweet.  This wasn’t a simple Easter basket stuffer as much as it was great art―delicious, but great art nonetheless.  I was relieved everything arrived safely and undamaged when I returned home.

Premiere Moisson
I resorted to a Premiere Moisson photo since I demolished the first chocolate egg in the half-dozen I purchased.

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