Awash with superlatives…

The City Center’s Chestnut Street, like the downtown areas of so many other cities, experiences constant change and re-invention.  One of the most welcomed additions is Gran Caffe L’Aquila, a stunning cafe with flawless pastries, coffee and customer service to match.  What lured us in were the beautiful holiday decorations outside; what held our attentions, and what kept us returning, was the exquisite attention to details, ranging from the interior to the taste and presentation of the food, to the superior coffee, and most importantly, the service.

“Work is the meat of life, pleasure the dessert.” ― B. C. Forbes

© David-Kevin Bryant

Because of the warm weather, we decided to order the iced vanilla cappuccino, a beverage so delicate it was like drinking silk.  We ordered it hot on our return the next day and it was as equally delicious.  As perfect as they were, they were effortlessly overshadowed by the accompanying dessert–panna cotta infused with lavender and topped with fresh berries, one of the finest deserts I have ever had the joy of tasting.

© David-Kevin Bryant

The presentation and service made such an impression, the couple next to us–who were clearly over the moon with their pasta lunch–looked over, admired our contentment, and ordered the panna cotta for their dessert.  I would have licked the plate clean but the table on the other side of us were engaged in endless selfies.

© David-Kevin Bryant

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