Love, madness and confections worthy of lust.

Love may be a many splendored thing, but the timeless and universal question must still be asked, i.e., “is it possible to love someone or something to death to the point of madness ?”  Such a play on words, and within the context of desserts, is displayed brilliantly at À la Folie – Pâtisseries audacieuses.

© David-Kevin Bryant

Located at 1126 Avenue du Mont-Royal E, near the Mont-Royal Metro station, À la Folie is not so much a pâtisserie as it is an immersive experience in the art and seduction of desserts, particularly cream puffs and macarons.  The confections, beside being some of the best I have ever sampled, are displayed beautifully in a setting more suited to a gallery or a museum.

A La Folie-01
© À la Folie

The owners are clearly having fun with the notion of what a pâtisserie can be and it would seem like a joke that could easily backfire―but for the fact their creations are dazzling and delicious.  So…journey down the rabbit hole of the unknown―that love can sometimes resemble―and enjoy the fantastic experience À la Folie offers with her creations.  Be prepared to bring many back, too, when you return home.

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