Beyond joy lies…euphoria

If its possible for lightening to strike twice, Lupo Verde, located at the intersection of T and 14th Streets off Washington, DC’s U Street corridor has managed to do it.  I was there recently to celebrate my birthday and experienced one of the best meals I have ever enjoyed in the city.  My bestie, Ellie, and I didn’t simply eat a great dinner.  We savored an entire experience that was flawless from start to finish.  But, could the Italian restaurant do it again ?  I had hoped so and my second visit there was a litmus test to see if it would end up where we celebrated my best mate’s birthday in just a matter of days.

And succeed they did.

We relied on a favorite, Calamari, to start off the meal, along with Polenta e Baccala, prepared to perfection and accompanied by cod and marinated mackerel.  Grandma would have been proud.  Ellie ordered the Branzino; I decided on the Capesante Scottate, or seared sea scallops with artichoke cream and crispy artichoke.  They were, without question, the best scallops I have enjoyed in Washington and the artichokes were delicious.  Although we were having seafood, we decided on a bottle of Marche Cato, a smooth and subtle blend of cabernet and merlot.  While I was salivating over my meal, I barely heard a peep from Ellie.  I looked up only to see her Branzino al Sale, or baked branzino with seven herbs and citrus, completely gone.  The cutting board on which it was served was completely clean and Ellie was beaming like a light house successfully guiding a ship in during a foggy rain storm.  We finished the meal with Tortino, or chocolate and hazelnut cake.  If our first experience here made me want a cigarette afterwards, then the second made me lusting for an entire pack.  This Italian gem of a restaurant is that good.

© David-Kevin Bryant
© David-Kevin Bryant

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