Serendipity…and empanadas.

What better way to avoid the fog and rain than to duck into Bar Bombón on Philadelphia’s 18th Street ?  Shelter, however, quickly yielded to serendipity as we discovered this great little restaurant by accident, specializing in Puerto Rican cuisine, right in the heart of the downtown area.  And there is no better way to forget about the fickle nature of winter than with Bombón signature cocktail, “La Jefa,” made with Angry Orchard Cider, apple, ginger, prosecco and strawberry.  The restaurant’s interpretation of sangria was innovative and easily won us over.  Along side the drinks, we also enjoyed :

― chicken empanadas
― Ellenos, i.e., plantains filled with beef, onions and peppers
― guacamole picante, with cilantro, habanero peppers, and red onion
― sweet potato salade

With the temperature dropping outside, it was apparent there was only one way we would be able to face the cold―Mexican hot chocolate.  Bonbon’s is easily the best I have ever enjoyed.  It’s as if someone transplanted a restaurant from downtown Miami and dropped it in Rittenhouse Square.  Bonbon is undeniably destination dining and further elevates the City Center’s reputation as one of the best places for going out in metropolitan areas on the East Coast.

© David-Kevin Bryant

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