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“Everything you see I owe to spaghetti.” ― Sophia Loren

Located on the 1700 block of Walnut Street is a gem of an Italian restaurant, Pietro’s Coal Oven Pizza.  Although the entrance, which features sidewalk dining at a handful of tables, appears small, once you enter you will be surprised how large the space is and how far back it extends into the building which houses it.

© David-Kevin Bryant

The menu is extensive, features bountiful portions, fresh ingredients, and the food is served family style.  We make it a point to visit every time we’re in Philadelphia and love the casual atmosphere and very good service the restaurant provides.  Over the Christmas holidays we enjoyed the following :

― Caprese, sliced vine ripe tomatoes, handmade mozzarella topped with reduced balsamic and olive oil
― Gemelli Arugula Pollo, sauteed chicken breast, garlic, arugula, grape tomatoes, in a white wine sauce
― Risotto Balls, stuffed with mozzarella cheese and mushrooms served with marinara sauce

The pasta dishes are more than generous and even the small size Gemelli easily feeds two people.  I’m not a shy eater and even I could not have finished the dish on my own.  Also highly recommended is the fried calamari, perfectly seasoned and crispy.  The pasta puttanesca dishes are a knockout, too, and the garlic bread is freshly made.

© David-Kevin Bryant

A word of caution, however.  The restaurant becomes very busy for dinner service so it’s not a bad idea to visit just before 07:00pm on the weekends.

© David-Kevin Bryant

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