Espresso and tiramisu…in London

We spent an entire day, the first of many, at The British Museum, the epicenter of London’s cultural institutions.

The British Museum. © David-Kevin Bryant
The British Museum. © David-Kevin Bryant

Located in the city’s Bloomsbury neighborhood, the museum is easily one the world’s greatest and it’s collection of ancient artifacts is nearly unparalleled. When we left, nearly exhausted from the sensory overload, we were confronted with very different weather than what we faced when set out earlier in the day.

The British Museum. © David-Kevin Bryant

Now, the temperature had dropped dramatically, the wind had picked up and, as is the case with London in winter, the dampness in the air was more than just faint.  What better way to warm up than to duck into a nearby cafe ?  Fate could not have been kinder as that cafe was Amarcord.

© David-Kevin Bryant
© David-Kevin Bryant

Roughly translated as “I remember,” Amarcord is a small, intimate cafe with a staff fluent in Italian and which serves exceptional espresso and desserts.  Being this close to a major popular destination like the British Museum, it would be easy to assume Amarcord was a tourist trap.  On the contrary as its easily a destination unto itself, proven by the fact that Londoners themselves frequent it.  And if there’s any doubt, sample the tiramisu, the perennial Italian dessert that Amarcord serves perfectly.  No greater compliment could be found than the table of Romans sitting next to us who were smiling from ear to ear and raving about the place.


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