The adventure begins…

…with the random selection of Norway as our next major destination, a trip that would take place during Autumn and complete a series of adventures across Scandinavia, although our appetites have certainly been whetted to continue to travel there on a regular basis.

“Many a trip continues long after movement in time and space have ceased.” ― John Steinbeck

We made reservations on United Airlines which, at the time, offered the best fares and range of flight times.  Their routing also allowed for connections in Dublin, a deliberate and shrewd choice since Dublin’s international airport is more manageable and less congested than some of Europe’s other, larger transit points.  Now, the mention of United Airlines tends to result in groans among travelers but our flight from Washington to Dublin, was excellent.  We upgraded last-minute to their new Economy Plus cabin and the price, a nominal one, was well worth it.  We enjoyed substantial leg room, an expanded menu and luckily,  some empty seats immediately in front of and behind us.

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