“Go away…”

“…oh so far, far away.” ― Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson

Traveling to downtown Oslo from their international airport is so effortless it makes you wonder why other metropolitan areas around the world can’t be this efficient.

― After you claim your luggage, follow the Exit signs to Airport Express.  There is no need to stop by one of the ticket kiosks prior as you can swipe your credit card directly at the turnstiles and enter―pure genius.

― Proceed to their departures platform where trains depart every 10 minutes.  As of this writing, one-way fares are BP 18.00 / CAN$ 29.00 / EUR 20.00 / US$ 22.00 (discounts are offered to children, seniors and students.)

― The trip itself takes approx. 20 minutes; the ride is one of the smoothest you will ever experience; the trains are spotless; and, they have more than enough room for luggage, even oversized ones.

― Regular announcements over the intercom remind passengers to keep conversations and cell phones at minimal volume levels…a welcomed respite.

― When you arrive at the city’s Central Station, aka “Oslo S,” signage will direct you to taxi stands and bus / tram connections.


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