“Just as a painter paints…”

“…and a ponderer ponders, a writer writes, and a wanderer wanders.” ― Roman Payne

The Munch Museet, or Munch Museum, might not initially come to mind when thinking about the world’s greatest cultural institutions but here in Norway, it is held in the highest esteem.  When you visit, and no trip to Oslo would be complete without doing so, you will be more than impressed.  Over half the creations of it’s namesake, Edvard Munch, resides here and as you peruse its galleries, you will appreciate the scope and beauty of his work which is far greater than just The Scream (as incredible as the painting is.)

"Winter," Jasper Johns. © David-Kevin Bryant
“Winter,” Jasper Johns.  © David-Kevin Bryant

And recently, the museum launched a new exhibition celebrating his influence on the work of Jasper Johns :

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