“Everything I was I carry with me…”

“…everything I will be lies waiting on the road ahead.” ― Ma Jian

Once you have arrived and collected your luggage, you will need to make arrangements for transport to the city centre.  There are myriad options and Glasgow International’s website provides comprehensive information.  If you’re staying near Buchanan Bus Station, located in the city centre across from the Royal Concert Hall, you’re in luck.  The city’s Glasgow Airport Express :

― operates every 10 minutes;
― is reasonably priced at £ 7.50 for a single trip or, as of this writing, CAN$ 12.53 / € 8.83 / US$ 9.40);
― is £ 10.00 for round trip travel within 28 days; and
― journeys to the centre in under 30 minutes.

Tickets may be purchased at the information booth near stance 1, or you may obtain the ticket directly from the driver.  The buses themselves are clean, feature ample storage for luggage, have free wi-fi and each seat features USB ports.

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