Becoming a model citizen…

“Design is about making things good, and then better, and right (and then fantastic) for the people who use and encounter them.” ― Matt Beale

Hip, modern, and reasonably priced, one cannot go wrong with CitizenM Hotels.  Although small, the company has excellent footholds in Amsterdam, Glasgow, London, New York City, Paris, Rotterdam and Taipei.  Their Scotland property redefines cool without the trappings of self-awareness and was, hands down, the greatest hotel experience in all my years of travel adventures.  It’s as if the editors of Wallpaper* Magazine had been given blank canvases and been asked to design the ideal, communal living space.  The rooms, although compact, are brilliantly designed and feature personalized iPads which allow you to control ambient light for the shower pods, lights, music, room temperature, and window blinds.  There are myriad, pre-set moods, too, for specific lighting and music combinations.  The lounges scattered throughout the first and second floors invite long conversations.  The hotel’s cantina is located on the second floor and features coffee beverages to order, great breakfasts, prepared foods available 24 hours a day, and a bar staff next to none.  The entire staff, in fact, completely redefines excellent customer service.


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