The season of colours is upon us…

“Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits.” ― Samuel Butler

Vieux-Montréal, Quebec.  © David-Kevin Bryant

The air is turning crisp, the sun setting even lower in the sky and the Fall Arts Season is well under way.  If time allows, and if you have been struck by wanderlust and need to be distracted from the chillier air, check out the following.  Links to museums and / or ticket information are included and exhibitions are featured through 2018 unless otherwise noted.

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London’s world-class British Museum is featuring Scythians :  Warriors of Ancient Siberia.  This once-in-a-lifetime exhibition, organized with the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, explores the world of these ancient warriors through 14 January.

© The British Museum

“Spectacular…utterly riveting and revelatory.” ― The Times

The British Museum is also featuring :

The Business of Prints through 28 January.

The Candle is Lighted : Martin Luther’s Legacy in Print through 23 November.

The Currency of Communism through 18 March.

Living with Gods :  People, Places and Worlds Beyond through 8 April.

Here are just a handful of the special exhibitions being featured at The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA :)

Atmosphere in Japanese Painting through 4 February.

Sarah Charlesworth :  Doubleworld through 4 February.

― Spanish Colonial Inspiration, Pre-Hispanic Revivals, Folk Art and Craft Traditions, and Modernism are explored in Found in Translation:  Design in California and Mexico through 1 April.

A Tale of Two Persian Carpets (One by One) through 8 July.

Timeless Auras 476.  © Ikezaki Yoshio

No Fall Arts Season would be complete without a well-deserved tribute to the genius of Michelangelo.  New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, aka The Met, is featuring such an exhibit, along with :

David Hockney through 25 February.

Edvard Munch :  Between the Clock and the Bed through 4 February.

Golden Kingdoms, Luxury & Legacy in the Ancient Americas through 28 May.

Michelangelo :  Divine Draftsman & Designer through 12 February.

© The Met Museum

Montreal, Canada’s gorgeous Musee des Beaux Arts is featuring :

Face to Face with African and Oceanic Art…Through the Eyes of Picasso through Summer 2018.

― A member of the Algonquin First Nation Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, the work of artist Nadia Myre is featured through 31 March.

Napoleon :  The Imperial Household through 6 May.

Musee des Beaux Arts, Montreal.  © David-Kevin Bryant
“Love is Love : Jean Paul Gaultier.  © Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

The City of Brotherly Loves’s Philadelphia Museum of Art has proven, yet again, why it is one of the most important cultural institutions in North America :

Modern Times :  American Art 1910 – 1950 through 3 September.

Old Masters Now :  Celebrating the Johnson Collection through 19 February.

Patricia Urquiola, Between Craft and Industry through 4 March.

Pieter Jansz, Saenredam, “Interior of Saint Bravo, Haarlem.”  © The Philadelphia Museum of Art
“The Kiss,” Rodin.  © The Philadelphia Museum of Art

Stockholm, Sweden’s Nordiska Museet is featuring :

Capturing the Moment, Portraits and Fashion Photography by Kerstin Bernhard through 27 September 2019.

Northern Light

Swedish Folk Art

Traditions, Celebrations and Festivals throughout Life

“Nordiskt ljus,” Nelly Wahlfort.  © Nordiska Museet


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