Classic lobster rolls vs. Maine-style

Part 4 of 4.  Peggy’s Cove, the small fishing village located west of Halifax on the eastern shore of St. Margarets Bay, is as famous for its lighthouse as it is for the large rocks, reminiscent of Iceland’s glacial lakes, which surround it.  Once you are ready for a break from exploring the picturesque area, the Maritime Pasty Co. Lobster Rolls should be the destination for lunch  The owners of this iconic little place are geniuses, i.e., there are only three items on the menu, classic lobster rolls, lobster salad and Maine lobster rolls.  But they are the some of the best lobster rolls you will ever enjoy.

© David-Kevin Bryant

The debate as to which roll is better, classic or Maine―style, will never be settled.  The former features fresh lobster meat lightly tossed with mayo and served in a buttered bun; the latter dispenses with mayo completely and instead features a light drizzle of butter over the meat.  Both are served with chips, pickles and slaw.  The solution to the debate?  Order and savour both.  Arrive at Maritime as early as you can because once they run out of their daily catch, they close up for the day.

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