It’s London’s Heathrow, baby…

One of the benefits of London’s Heathrow Airport, which serves the capital city as well as the greater United Kingdom, is its proximity to the downtown area, slightly more than 20km.

“England has two books, the Bible and Shakespeare.  England made Shakespeare, but the Bible made England.” ― Victor Hugo

© David-Kevin Bryant

Despite the airport’s huge size and reputation among regular travelers as a horrible maze, navigating it is easily accomplished as the signage, particularly since graphic design updates were made for the 2012 Summer Olympics, is excellent.  Their app is excellent and we cannot recommend it enough.  Designed for both Android and Apple platforms, the app allows you to :

― check the weather at your onward destination;
― plan your onward journey with our connections planner;
― receive live flight updates, travel notifications and prompts;
― reserve Heathrow Long Stay Parking;
― see your Heathrow Rewards balance, and redeem rewards;
― see restaurant and shopping offers; and
― view maps of the terminal to find your way around.

Heathrow International.  © David-Kevin Bryant

It’s one of the better travel apps I have downloaded and used.  Along with Phaidon’s Wallpaper* series, the app makes navigating the airport a breeze and the perfect way to succumb to wanderlust and enjoy this spectacular, cosmopolitan city.

The window shopping here isn’t so bad either.  © David-Kevin Bryant

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