The affable Scottish people…

Scottish people have to be some of the most affable and approachable on earth.  Wander into any pub and within minutes of ordering a pint, you will find yourself striking up random conversations with complete strangers.  A few more minutes, and the strangers will become your best mates.  By the end of the visit, you will have been invited out to meet their families, other best mates and possibly even their homes for the Christmas holiday.

“There’s not a word yet…for old friends who’ve just met.” ― Jim Henson

© David-Kevin Bryant

Ensure you visit Glasgow’s West End and in particular, The Three Judges Pub on Dumbarton Road.  Featuring an extensive list of ales, ciders, local whiskeys, rums, signature drinks and vodkas, the establishment is overflowing with authenticity, character and history.

© David-Kevin Bryant

Judges is a great place to hang out, chat with whomever is sitting next to you and enjoy game night when the entire place becomes the very definition of fun.  The bartenders have great stories to share, making you feel welcome instantly, and locals will jostle to buy you first rounds and love to hear as to what brought you to their country.

© David-Kevin Bryant


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