En Route to Stonehaven

Stonehaven (the second of four parts.)  Located in the County of Aberdeen, Stonehaven and the hauntingly gorgeous castle Dunnottar can be reached via ScotRail from Glasgow Central Station.

“The only way of catching a train I have ever discovered is to miss the train before.” ― G.K. Chesterton

© David-Kevin Bryant

Reserve your trip ahead of time via ScotRail.

― Trains to Stonehaven run every 4 hours;
― the duration of the ride is slightly more than 2 hours; and
― the cost ranges from US$ 35 – 50.00 / person, depending on the class of service and time of day.

Tickets can be easily obtained via kiosks inside the station’s entrance.  Use the same credit card you used to make the reservations to access your information and print the tickets.

© David-Kevin Bryant

If the weather cooperates, the ride to the coast is quite picturesque :

Stonehaven Train Station is very small and you will need to arrange transport to Dunnottar Castle.  Depending on the time of year and, obviously, weather conditions, you may want to walk.  For the hiker in you, that could take just under an hour.  A word of caution as you will still need plenty of stamina once you arrive at the Castle.  It’s extremely hilly and the walk from the entrance on the road to the ticket entrance at the Castle is not for the out-of-shape.  We passed several people who were winded and had to stop and rest mid-journey.

© David-Kevin Bryant

I would recommend taking a taxi, therefore, as it’s extremely fast and inexpensive.  There are signs for local cab companies posted in the station although you can usually find a couple parked outside waiting for passengers.  At the end of your day when you depart the castle, staff at the Visitor’s Entrance will be more than happy to call a cab for you to return to the train station.

The return trip to Glasgow.  © David-Kevin Bryant

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