It’s London, Baby…And CitizenM awaits your arrival

Introduction to CitizenM Hotels (the first of a four-part series.)  Welcome to London, a spectacular global city that has embraced modernity with a skyline of stunning new architecture, while simultaneously honouring its history, dating back to Roman times.  For those who think this city is stodgy and lacking in forward-thinking design, your perception will be turned on its head with the collection of CitizenM Hotel properties in the city.

© David-Kevin Bryant

Hip, modern and reasonably priced, it’s as if the editors of Wallpaper* magazine―considered sacred text for style aficionados everywhere―had dinner with the most noteworthy designers across Scandinavia and then given blank canvases, from which they created the ultimate accommodations for savvy travelers.

“Design can be art.  Design can be aesthetics.  Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.” ― Paul Rand

The Cantina in CitizenM’s Tower of London property.  © David-Kevin Bryant

This small, Dutch-based company has properties in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Taipei and multiple locations throughout London, New York and Paris.  Their concept―to take affordable luxury, cool surroundings and customer service to new heights―is very much appreciated by this traveler.

Their CitizenM Hotel Bankside property is located in the heart of the city near the Tate Museum and perfect for those looking for something above and beyond the bigger hotel chains.

We recently stayed in their Tower of London property and loved it.  You could not ask for a more convenient location, i.e., above the Tower Hill Underground station, across from the historic Tower of London and well within view of The Shard.

© David-Kevin Bryant


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