Bordeaux & Brest

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“Everything ends this way in France…everything.  Weddings, christenings, duels, burials, swindlings, diplomatic affairs―everything is a pretext for a good dinner.” – Jean Anouilh

Place de la Bourse. ©

My bestie, Ellie, an aficionado of noteworthy food and drink, succumbed to wanderlust and immersed herself in the myriad pleasures and local customs that are Bordeaux and Brest, France.  We are lucky she’s sharing her adventures, experiences, and places to dine with us here in a brand new page.

Bordeaux, France :  A Photo Gallery

Recommended places in Bordeaux :

To immerse yourself in the local culture and experience the landmarks and people, contact Bordeaux Walking Tours, owned and operated by Hela Mansoula.  She and her multi-lingual staff will take personal pride in showing your family and friends this amazing French city.  Visit her Facebook and Instagram pages for an amuse bouche of the dynamic and stunning place that is Bordeaux.

For confections that are less about sweets and more about works of art, visit Mademoiselle de Margaux l’Inspiration Chocolat 16 rue Pernand Philippart, or the Place de la Bourse stop on the city’s famed tram system.

Brest, France :  A Photo Gallery

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