Milan / Milano

Contents :  My estate in Milan

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy.”  – Giuseppe Verdi

Chapter 1.  In traveling to Milan, a buddy recalled visiting a private estate just outside the city limits years before.  It was a vivid memory, made so in part by the black and white swans he recalled seeing in a small stream behind the building.  I’m not entirely sure how we found the estate one early morning years later but we did.

© David-Kevin Bryant

Chapter 2.  I wandered throughout the first and second floors, noticing certain rooms were cordoned off.  The docents were strict and turned people away who attempted to circumvent the ropes, while other areas had strictly enforced restrictions on taking pictures.  One docent, however, allowed me to enter a large room and take photos.  Light poured in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, cutting through the morning fog, and making the marble floors glow with incandescence.  Still other staff members and even some guards consistently acknowledged my presence with polite nods of respect.  When we left, the estate’s chief who was posted at the entrance, made a concerted effort to bid me farewell, with what appeared to be a genuinely felt invitation to return whenever I wanted.

Chapter 3.  Flash forward a couple of years and another buddy informed our circle of friends a psychic, renowned in Thailand, was visiting the States and making a stop in Washington, DC.  If you’re wondering how this is related to the estate, bear with me as I’ll connect the proverbial dots.

Chapter 4.  We figured making the pilgrimage to see her would be fun and were advised to bring a personal item, about which we knew something but had not shared with anyone else.  The picture above fulfilled this perfectly as I had never shared it nor the particulars of my experience there.  When we visited the psychic the line was substantial as Washington’s Thai population had turned out en masse to see her.  We patiently waited and when I finally met the psychic I handed her the photo in an envelope.  She held it in one hand and mine with the other quietly for a moment or two.  She then turned to the translator and spoke, constantly pointing to the envelope before turning her gaze on me.  And then the translator turned to me and explained…

In a past life, four hundred years prior, I was the owner of this estate.  The docents and guards recognized this in me which is why I was allowed to roam freely in ways that were not afforded others.  The chief’s invitation for me to return, something I had not disclosed to anyone, was extended because I was “home.”

Chapter 5.  I freely admit I cannot explain the visit with the psychic and I’ve never believed in them before.  This was, however, a different experience altogether.  As far as the people who appear in the picture above outside the entrance, this begs a not-so-obvious question :  who invited them and why are they on my lawn ?

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