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― Borta bra men hemma bäst.  Or, “Away is good but home is best.”


Were this any other sports arena, it might not be worthy of mention.  But Friends Arena, located north of the City Centre next to Råstasjön Lake in Solna, is no ordinary sports complex.  It is in fact the largest of its kind throughout the Nordic Region and although it can easily hold upwards of more than 60,000 people, it’s the stadium’s design which makes it stand out.  First, there its massive retractable roof, perfect for outdoor concerts and when weather permits, football games.  Second, the building’s exterior features more than 15 million different, customizable color designs and is quite a sight to behold at night.

Friends Arena-01

There’s a certain style to Scandinavian and Nordic clothing which can be basic and minimalist, but is also quite striking if only because it’s always impeccably tailored and crafted, not always easy to achieve but something which the countries in this part of the world always seem to do.  A perfect example is the clothing sold in Grandpa AB, located at Södermannagatan 21.  The store sells fashion for men and woman, all of which seem on the cutting edge without being trendy.

© Grandpa
© Grandpa

Along with accessories, a fantastic collection of shoes and boots, and unique vintage items, the store is a cool destination and a business philosophy which embraces sustainability and the environment.  The staff is incredibly good-looking―this is Sweden after all―and yet approachable and friendly without a hint of attitude or entitlement.

© Grandpa

“The longest journey is the journey inward.” ― Dag Hammarsköld

Flag of Sweden-01
© deviantart

Similarly, Haberdash features well-known brands in a minimalist space with the style and interior design typical of the Nordic aesthetic.  With locations at both Upplandsgatan 50 and Kocksgatan 17 the store doesn’t just feature well designed clothing, shoes and messenger bags on racks.  Rather, they’re displayed in very cool fashion on a peg and rack system.

© Haberdash

If you travel throughout the Nordic region or Scandinavia on a regular basis, you can definitely find stylish clothing for the environment here.  And if you don’t, you should still make this a destination since what you find here screams winter weather with style in ways the clothing back home simply can’t.

© Haberdash


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