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“Japan never considers time together as time wasted.  Rather, it is time invested.” ― Donald Richie

Autumn maple leaves (momiji) at Kongōbu-ji on Mount Kōya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  © 663highland, via

Best mate and younger brother recently spent a few days in Tokyo before their onward sojourn to Thailand.  The pictures they captured are stunning and they’re sharing them here.

High-speed train service.  © MTM / SDM

Video :

Located on Honshū, Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.  Not just a natural wonder, as noteworthy as that is, Fuji’s eternal beauty has been the muse for artists, photographers and poets for centuries.

“Just as smoke drifts on the winds over Mount Fuji
Only to vanish, whither no one knows
So, too, does my soul wander on…” ― Monk Saigyō


Photo Gallery :

If you’re traveling to Bangkok or other large cities in southeastern Asia from the States, you will most likely transit through Tokyo’s Narita International Airport.  If you’re originating from the East coast, or Chicago, the flight is easily 14 hours and you’ll inevitably end up with what can best be described as plane smell, the result of sitting still, in an aluminum tube with recycled dry air, and wearing the cologne and perfumes of those around you.

Narita Airport-01

Not to worry, however, because salvation can be achieved in the airport’s Dayrooms & Showers facilities before you make your connecting flight and features :

– shower cubicles with vanity units
– single and twin dayrooms with shower
– wheelchair-compatible dayrooms

The shower cubicles are available for 30 minutes for approx. US $ 12.00 and can be paid in Canadian and U.S. dollars, Japanese Yen, Thai Baht or the Euro.  You can purchase additional time in 15 minute increments if necessary, too.  You are provided bath towels, body soap, face wash, hair driers, and shampoo.  During my last trip, I was able to completely revitalize before boarding my connecting flight.  While others on the flight to Bangkok looked like they had been dragged through the moors, I was refreshed and looking like I had just stepped out of a spa.


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